Call to Local Employers

The OCH Foundation is looking for local businesses to support the employment of our Youth Futures program participants.

It takes conscious action for an employer to commit to giving youth, at-risk, or not, one of their first work experiences. It takes money and time, but the rewards of providing opportunity to a deserving individual can be felt in their effort, throughout culture of the organization, and ultimately impact a community.

Through Youth Futures, we connect youth living in low-income communities to formative experiences in the workplace that will help them break the cycle of poverty and transition into post-secondary and the workforce. These placements last for 6 weeks (210 hours), and occur between July and mid-August, right off the heels of a 5 month intensive training and work preparation regime.

Some of Ottawa largest employers, such as the City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa, the law firm Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, and many others, have engaged Youth Futures over the past 6 years and taken youth under their wings, delighted by the output of the youth. Borden Ladner Gervais was the first private sector company to come onboard in 2010, and have renewed their commitment each year since.

“I am just impressed with the quality of the candidates. They bring a level of maturity that is rarely seen of kids their age.” – Marc Jolicour, Managing Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Each year, 75 at-risk youth are placed within willing organizations. Most youth are marginalized, new immigrants and first generation Canadians, with a growing number of Francophones and aboriginals. We are looking to more of Ottawa’s employers–specifically private sector—to join our cause and network of support for these youth. With more employers able to subsidize these 6 week work placements, Youth Futures will be able to start involving the other 200+ remaining youth who apply for the program annually.

For more information please contact:

Ian MacKichan

Development & Business Associate