Meet Our Team

Howard Whittaker – Executive Director: A seasoned businessman and advertising mogul with a soft spot for philanthropy, Howard joined the OCH Foundation two years into its existence. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from a lifetime spent in the private sector which creates a natural balance in the Foundation’s charity-centric philosophy. A happily married, proud father of two, Howard spends his days off hiking, camping and generally immersing himself in the great outdoors.
(613) 518- 2097


Christa Allevato – Manager of Operations and Donor Relations: Christa is the Foundation’s little engine that could – and she has. Having been with the Foundation since its origin in 2012, Christa has worked tirelessly to find new opportunities for growth. She is an expert in event management, sponsorship acquisition and relationship crafting. Consider this – if you have ever been taken aback by one of the Foundation’s flawlessly planned events, thank Christa.
(613) 518-2099


Scott Fowler – Campaign and Communications Coordinator: Scott graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Communication. He joined the OCH Foundation as a Communications Officer as a student and continued working full-time after his graduation. Scott’s role within the Foundation has grown to include the planning and delivery of key fundraising and brand-building campaigns. He prides himself on the relationships he creates through each campaign and strives to get the OCH Foundation recognized for the work it does within the city.
(613) 518- 2098


Tara Howlett – Director of Community Engagement: Tara came to the OCH Foundation with the hope of recruiting them as Lead Service Delivery Partner for recLINK – an initiative that she had built from the ground up. It was the combination of her perseverance, her motivation and her vast experience coupled with recLINK’s potential to impact thousands of OCH tenants that made Tara a perfect fit within the organization. An expert in social work, Tara came to the Foundation with a great understanding of its significance for OCH tenants.
(613) 422-1555


Ian MacKichan – Development & Marketing Associate: Ian joined the OCH Foundation in early 2016 to spearhead the sustainable growth and brand development of the Youth Futures program. Experienced in market research and strategic planning, Ian works to ensure that the Foundation’s activities stay grounded in sound, current market intelligence. As a firm believer in the power of social enterprise, he was excited to join in the OCH Foundation’s mission of overcoming systemic barriers in OCH’s communities.
(613) 422-1555


Nahima Mohamed – Family Coordinator

Nahima completed her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Université du Québec en Outaouais. However, her love for her community led her to work in community housing and recreational programs for the last 6 years. Nahima joined the Foundation as a Family Coordinator for the recLINK program. She works closely with recLINK families and OCH tenants at large. Having lived in OCH communities as a child, Nahima is excited to be linking children and youth to positive recreational opportunities.
(613) 422-1555 


Amal Elmi – Family Coordinator

Amal graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelors of Social Sciences with a Joint Honours in Sociology and Women Studies. She worked in community development for four years at Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre while working for community-based programs and supporting initiatives that address the needs of youth. Amal is passionate about providing meaningful opportunities to children and youth and comes with vast experience in front line work.
(613) 422-1555