Make a Donation

With your donation, the OCH Foundation invests in programs and initiatives that help tenants in OCH communities break the cycle of poverty. When you support us, you support people in your community. You support children, youth, and families. You support seniors. You support individuals looking to be community leaders. You help make your neighbourhoods strong.

Any donation goes a long way. As a first step, identify what type of donor you are. Then explore the numerous ways you can give.

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Who Can Give

The OCH Foundation typically receives two kinds of donations: public or corporate. Whether you’re an individual looking to make an impact in your community or a business looking to strengthen the community you serve, the Foundation is there to help you do it.

Ways to Give

Gifts in Kind – learn more about in-kind giving and the categories of gifts we accept.

Endowments – learn more about setting up an endowment fund.

Meet Our Donors

Get to know our valued donors and see what they gave, how they did it, and what motivated them to give. Check our collection of Donor Stories.