Donation Policies

The OCH Foundation welcomes and encourages gifts from individuals, groups, foundations, and corporations. Any gift helps us enhance our reach and improve the services we provide to help OCH tenants break the cycle of poverty.

Legal name

When making a gift to the OCH Foundation, please reference our registered name:
OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities.
Our Canadian charitable registration number is 816590483RR0001.


For income tax purposes, a gift or donation is defined as a voluntary transfer of property to the OCH Foundation made without the expectation of any benefit to the donor. The scope of this policy includes gifts of:

  • Money
  • Art and photographic works
  • Equipment
  • Other in-kind gifts or services
  • Property of significant value, such as real estate or securities
  • Planned gifts, such as willed donations, bequests or endowments

Donation acceptance

The OCH Foundation reserves the right to use the donation in the best interest of the Foundation, and shall make decisions regarding the investment, disposition and/or eventual disposal of all donations.

Donations become the exclusive property of the OCH Foundation and must be of a clear and unencumbered nature.

The OCH Foundation may accept conditions on the disposition of donations where it deems the proposed conditions to be reasonable and feasible.

Official tax receipts

Official receipts will be issued for monetary donations in the amount of $25 or more.

For in-kind donations, official receipts will be issued on request, provided the value of the donation exceeds $25 and the donor provides a written appraisal of the donation’s worth.

Donor records

The OCH Foundation shall maintain donor records, the contents of which shall remain confidential unless the donor agrees otherwise.

Donor recognition

The OCH Foundation will always ask for permission before publicly recognizing a donation. See our donor stories to see how we’ve recognized past donors.