Amanda Demers



Amanda has been an OCH resident most her life. Having lived in a few different communities throughout her youth, she decided to move out on her own and found a home in the Morrison Gardens community and has since maintained a very active presence. Recently, Amanda played a pivotal role in building a larger play structure at the Foster Farm community and was instrumental in the portable enhancement project at Morrison Garden community.

Her dream is to cook. As a culinary pillar in her community, she caters the neighbourhood Canada Day event and regularly helps with community Christmas dinners. Ultimately, Amanda would like to start a breakfast program.

Her story and her dedication to her craft earned her the 2015 $7,500 Culinary Arts scholarship, which will help Amanda pursue her culinary dream and help fund her way through the two year Culinary Arts Management Program at Algonquin College. Already armed with a business plan, she would like to launch and operate a food truck and create a space of her own for home catering.

A devoted single mother of two, Amanda plans to include her two children every step of the way.