Local initiatives bring healthy food to communities in need

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 — The Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) Foundation is pleased to announce that it has recently agreed to fund Good Food Markets and Market Mobile, local initiatives that feed families living in OCH communities. The Foundation will invest $10,000 into the programs in 2016.

Good Food Markets are an initiative of the Poverty and Hunger Working Group through the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres (Anti-Poverty Project) and their community partners. They are pop up non-profit markets that address barriers to food in OCH communities by selling high quality produce and dry goods in communities at great value. Many markets also offer fun activities for children, live music, and food demonstrations, making the markets memorable occasions for everyone.

MarketMobile is an extension of the Good Food Markets that brings healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate foods to OCH neighbourhoods via food truck. Those living in the communities visited by the program have really taken to it. Over the course of its pilot, over 1,000 volunteer hours were contributed by residents from across the City. The communities have also, on their own accord, began organizing events such as barbeques and community kitchens to coincide with MarketMobile visits.

“Access to healthy foods is a concern for our families,” explains Howard Whittaker, the OCH Foundation’s Executive Director. “The Good Food Markets and Market Mobile provide fresh produce at reasonable prices to feed tenants of all ages. Families, individuals and seniors alike visit the markets, which have become nutritional pillars in our communities.”

With a focus on education, employment and community engagement, the Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) Foundation brings together community leaders to help families, seniors, and individuals achieve personal success. Through initiatives such as Good Foods Ottawa, MarketMobile, recLINK, Youth Futures, Pack a Sack!, and the Ron Larkin Scholarship Fund, the OCH Foundation raises funds to support tenants living in OCH communities.

Find a Good Foods Market in a community near you by visiting their website (included below). Keep an eye out for the travelling Market Mobile by visiting their website and Twitter feed. Visit their websites at:

Good Food Markets: www.gfmottawa.ca/

Market Mobile: http://www.marketmobileottawa.ca/