Local Youth to lead community beautification project

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 — Ottawa – The OCH Foundation is pleased to announce that its recLINK program has been awarded a grant via the Crime Prevention Ottawa’s Paint It Up! program. The grant will support a youth led mural painting project at St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Somerset Street West.

recLINK will recruit youth living in the Rochester Heights and Lebreton Flats communities and provide them training (via program partner JackPine) thus developing their creative skillsets while getting them positively engaged in their community.

“By engaging youth and community leaders to develop a public mural, we hope to contribute to the beautification of the neighbourhood,” explains Tara Howlett, the OCH Foundation’s Director of Community Engagement and recLINK coordinator. “It will reflect the values of the citizens living and working here. The mural will celebrate art and bring together diverse populations in the hopes of making our community more beautiful and encouraging a unified and safe neighbourhood to be in.”

recLlNK is the combination of best practices of recreation-based, and children and youth serving organizations. There exist many barriers for Ottawa’s most vulnerable families that make participation in recreation activities difficult. These barriers are rooted in various factors including accessibility, transportation, information, parental engagement, and affordability. As such, recLINK aims to reduce barriers and create links to existing social recreation for children and youth residing in Ottawa Community Housing.

The Paint It Up! Program was created as an enhancement to its Graffiti Management Program. It promotes the use of outdoor murals as a graffiti vandalism deterrent, while simultaneously supporting local arts and culture, enhancing the city’s beauty for residents and visitors, and engaging youth at risk in positive skill-building experiences.

recLINK will work alongside neighbouring organizations JackPine, a graphic design firm, and St. Luke’s Anglican Church. The project will begin in May, 2016, and end later in the summer. For more information on recLINK or the Paint It Up! program, visit the links below.


recLINK: http://ochfoundation.ca/reclink/

Paint It Up!: http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/green-living/paint-it