Spotlight on OCH Tenants: Meet Richard

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 — Richard Graham is a 17-year-old tenant in the Blair Court OCH community.

He has been playing football since the age of eight, and is now both a city and provincial champion. He has multiple player awards including a Most Valued Player.

Thanks to a bursary from the OCH Foundation, Richard is currently training with elite football program C.A.N.I Athletics led by OCH Tenant Ambassador Christo Bilukidi, and is heading to Washington April 13 for the Rivals 3 Combine Football Camp. While there, he will be checking out football programs at Penn State and Syracuse University.

When he is not playing as a linebacker on the field, Richard is a student at Hillcrest High School and is on track to graduate with honours. He hopes to obtain a scholarship for a degree in Criminology and play university football for the next 4-5 years.