OCH Families Struggling with Food Shortages

As a result of the tornado that occurred last Friday, the Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) Foundation is raising funds to support the Ottawa Food Bank who has been forced to dispose of thousands of kilograms of perishable food due to the power outage.  Eleven locations, mostly in the city’s hard-hit west end, lost power to their fridges and freezers for more than 48 hours – these locations represent the many families living in OCH communities, families that are dependent on the neighborhood food cupboard.  Because the twisters touched down the day after many low-income families received their child tax benefit, many households that had just stocked their fridges also lost everything.

4,000 OCH households which represents 7,500 people have requested assistance to replenish their food supplies. We need your help to ensure that all of Ottawa residents, your neighbours, have the food they need to get through this time of hardship.

To make a donation, visit our Canada Helps page here.