Meet Our Team

Angela Bégin – Executive Director

Angela Bégin is a Social Work graduate of Carleton University and joined the team at Ottawa Community Housing in 2011. She developed the Volunteer Engagement Program at Ottawa Community Housing which in a typical year engages upwards of 1200 volunteers, benefiting from up to 5000 volunteer hours that assist with beautification and engagement in OCH communities. She earned her Council of Volunteer Administration Certification in 2018 and is involved with Volunteer Management boards at all levels. Locally, she is Past Chair of OAVR, provincially, Chair of the Membership Committee with PAVRO, and nationally she is Treasurer Director with VMPC. In her spare time, she’s a “Big Sister” with Big Brothers Big Sisters, an advocate for zero waste and going green projects; and a certified skydiving coach.

Sharon Jollimore – Director Programs & Innovation
Sharon is an experienced non-profit leader of national and grassroots health promotion initiatives to enhance the lives of children, youth and their families. She is passionate about recreation and sport and its potential to build social capital and improve community outcomes. Sharon has a love for nature and play which comes from her rural PEI upbringing. Her favorite activities are spending time on the water or roaming through the woods with her family and their Labrador Retriever.

Caroline Kayll – Manager of Operations
Caroline has enjoyed decades of helping to build stronger and healthier communities through her various roles in the non-profit sector. These roles have included program administration for various community projects, Board and Executive relationship management, fund development and community outreach in the health and social services, international development, and arts and culture sectors. She is a passionate believer in the strength of a caring, strong and engaged community – values which she wholeheartedly shares with the OCH Foundation.

Briar Gornall – Communications and Engagement Coordinator 
Briar is passionate about creating opportunities for youth in the community through education, sports and recreation. She joins the Foundation with a background in Public Relations. She is excited about giving youth the opportunity to benefit from sports, recreational, and arts programs and the character skills they offer. Her favourite activities are playing hockey, watching hockey, reading, listening to music, and going on hikes.

Nev Farooqui  – Program Coordinator
Nev is passionate about helping others and loves giving back to the community through volunteering. After Nev graduated from Carleton University with a bachelors in psychology, she volunteered abroad and taught English as a second language to locals so that they could acquire work in tourism as it is one of the world’s largest industries. Nev loves to travel and experience different cultures. She excels in planning and organizing with great detail. or 613-857-5677