Carissa Davis



Needing to free herself from an unsafe situation, Carissa had no choice but to turn to the street. With her daughter by her side, she spent months in a shelter.

“I was raised middleclass and it was all I had known until that point,” said Carissa. “What I realized was that it doesn’t matter what background you come from, anyone can be a few steps away from what my daughter and I have experienced.”

After finding a home within an OCH community, she immediately searched and found inspiring ways to take charge and turn her life around. Carissa regained her strength by engaging in her community – an OCH community.

This is our goal. The OCH Foundation strives to take circumstances such as Carissa’s and turn them into success stories. We help tenants acquire the skills necessary to better their own lives and to achieve personal success.

“Though we all have very different backgrounds, one common thread we share is that we all needed a house to start the ball rolling,” noted Carissa. “But we all know a house is just a house until we make it a home, a neighbourhood, a community.”