Furaha Issa



Furaha received one of ten Ron Larkin scholarships distributed in 2015. The Ron Larkin Scholarship is one of many ways the OCH Foundation helps Ottawa Community Housing tenants achieve their educational goals.

Furaha has long been a contributing member of society – contributing being a serious understatement. Before even obtaining her high school diploma, she has already logged over 200 hours of volunteer services. She has volunteered her time in various programs aimed at homelessness, in local Christmas initiatives, in “Cyclo Nord-Sud”, at the Ottawa Food Bank, and with a local soccer club… just to name a few. Furaha plans to graduate with a diploma in Practical Nursing from La Cité Collégiale to continue helping others and to help support her family. Being the driven individual that she is, Furaha has already completed a co-op program at the Monfort Hospital to better understand what it takes to be a nurse.