Bridging the Learning Gap – At-Home Learning Kits

The OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities has partnered with Wintergreen Learning Materials, a family owned Canadian company located in Bradford, Ontario to support vulnerable families in Ottawa.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 — Wintergreen’s Kindergarten to Grade 2 Number Sense and Creative At-Home kits are developed with curriculum specific outcomes in mind to help address the learning gap which can be bridged over the summer months.

For every kit (WG100X WG150X ) sold from May – September 2020, Wintergreen will donate $5.00 to the OCH Foundation.

Stephen Lecce Minister of Educations quotes “In terms of instruction, we will be unveiling our proposed plan for an expanded summer learning program that will enable students to continue their learning through the summer, if desired.”

Changing learning habits such as establishing a home study zone and hands on technology free resources can help improve study habits by tapping into children’s retention for visual and tactile learning. For students without any technological access it is enough to simply do what you can. It might mean printable worksheets, or simple home activities they can do independently – such as reading a book or counting items.