Cineplex Welcomes 7 New ‘Get Into’ Hires from Britannia Woods Community

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 — Carling Road’s Cineplex theatre welcomed seven new hires from Ottawa’s Britannia Woods community, through its new partnership with the Get Into: Customer Service program. Through Get Into, a program of Prince’s Trust Canada, young people get employability skills training, gain practical work experience, build self-confidence and importantly, get jobs. Even the youth who are not successful in acquiring a job are supported after the program for up to 6 months, to ensure they continue on a path into employment or further training.

The program is expanding into Ottawa, after achieving high employment rates for young people in other cities. Nationally, Cineplex has hired 73 percent of the 121 candidates that have participated over the past three years – nearly 90 youth in total. Ottawa is no exception, with seven of the eight participants finding permanent jobs.

“We’re thrilled that our Get Into program is helping so many young people overcome barriers to employment and get jobs,” said Sharon Broughton, CEO of Prince’s Trust Canada. “Partners like Britannia Woods Community House and the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation play a pivotal role in providing quality training that is adapted and tailored to the community it serves and we look forward to depening our relationship to unlock the potential of more young people in Ottawa.”

Get Into was initially pioneered in the UK by The Prince’s Trust, with the goal of breaking the barriers that young people faced as they attempted to move into meaningful employment. After a decade of success overseas, the program was brought over to Canada and piloted in 2016 by  Prince’s Trust Canada.

After a successful pilot project, the program has now helped over 250 young people in cities across Canada, including Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and now Ottawa. Employer partners have included Cineplex, Marriott, Loblaw and CIBC. The OCH Foundation played a key role in bringing the Get Into program to Ottawa, first introducing it at the New Leaf Community Challenge in the fall of 2017. Since then, the program has received support from visionary funders including Ottawa Community Foundation, as well as RBC, and KPMG.

The program offers innovation – both in how it serves youth and employers. It reduces hiring costs, improves equitable hiring practices, diversifies their workforce, fills skill gaps and taps into a new pool of candidates.

The success of its model would not be possible without the close working relationship forged with local community agencies. The Britannia Woods Community House, in Ottawa’s west end, was the key service deliverer of the program.

Prince’s Trust Canada, in partnership with the OCH Foundation, looks forward to building on this successful relationship with Cineplex in Ottawa, while expanding to new employers across the city – helping even more young people reach their potential and get jobs.

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