Ottawa Community Housing Foundation, Caring and Sharing Exchange join forces to help more families prepare for back to school!

Monday, July 13, 2020 — The Ottawa Community Housing Foundation’s Pack-a-Sack program has supported close to 4,000 children in OCH neighbourhoods since 2014. Thanks to a renewed partnership with the Caring and Sharing Exchange, we will be able to help level the playing field for more children – who will be able to start the school year off right.


Not every child has the luxury of starting the first day of school with a new outfit and backpack. Children reduced to carrying supplies in a plastic bag can easily become targets of bullying. Children just want to fit in and feel equal to their peers. Arriving to school unprepared and without basic, necessary school supplies is a reality for many kids living in low-income communities.

With the impact of COVID-19, we know that so many families in our community are deeply affected and need our help.

“We are dedicated to helping children in need in Ottawa return to school on equal footing with their peers. Our services are needed this year more than ever, since Covid-19 has severely impacted students. In partnership with the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation, we will ensure that every child returns to school prepared to succeed!” – Cindy Smith, Executive Director.


The Ottawa Community Housing Foundation through their Pack a Sack is proud to collaborate with the Caring and Sharing Exchange through their Sharing in Student Success Program.  This partnership allows us to bring together the skills and resources of the Caring and Sharing Exchange and the OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities to have a greater impact on the communities we serve.

 “The Foundation is proud of the work we have done to ensure children start the school year off right with the tools they need to succeed. This new partnership will allow us to help more children by bringing together the resources from both organizations,” said Christa Allevato, Director, Resource Development, OCH Foundation.

About OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities
The OCH Foundation is committed to identifying and alleviating the social needs of tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing. It helps families, youth, children and seniors achieve personal success with a focus on education, employment and community engagement

About Caring and Sharing Exchange
The Caring and Sharing Exchange is a local charity that provides assistance to Ottawa families and individuals in need during the Christmas and back-to-school seasons. The organization is also home to Kind Ottawa and its flagship event Kindness Week in Ottawa.

The backbone of the Caring and Sharing is the Coordination Service, which organizes the fair and even distribution of school essentials and Christmas assistance so donor dollars can reach even more people in need.

For more information on how to register for support for back to school, please contact:

Christa Allevato
Director, Resource Development
Ottawa Community Housing Foundation
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