Ottawa Community Housing Foundation for Healthy Communities kicks off Annual Fundraising Campaign

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 — Nov. 14, 2022, Ottawa, ON – The OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities improves the lives of OCH tenants by connecting them with programs and services that set them up to succeed.  

The programs operate under the Foundation’s priority areas: education, employment and community engagement. Each year, the Foundation runs an Annual Giving Campaign – aimed at funding those crucial programs. For 2022, our theme will be Play. Learn. Grow.  

The campaign will run from Nov. 14th to Dec. 23rd. During this holiday season, we ask you to think about helping to improve the lives of OCH tenants. The funds raised will support post-secondary bursaries, prepare high school students for job placement and post-secondary school, provide access to sport and recreation and bikes for children. 

Who wouldn’t want to help make dreams come true?  

Quick facts (2022 stats) 

  • The OCH Foundation is celebrating our 10th Anniversary  
  • 200 children in OCH communities were provided with bikes 
  • Backpacks were provided to more than 700 students 
  • $20,000 in bursaries were provided to post-secondary students 
  • 136 children and youth were provided access to recreation and sport 
  • The average income of an OCH tenant is $1,600 per month 
  • 5606 children live in single-parent households 


“The Foundation has done an amazing job in the past year in supporting and providing opportunities for tenants to engage with the community.  We aim to build better, more inclusive communities.” 

  • Angela Bégin, Executive Director, Annual Giving Campaign Co-Chair, OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities  

 “The tenants of OCH continue to demonstrate incredible levels of resiliency in dealing with the post-pandemic impacts on their mental, physical, social and economic health.  This last push for support comes at a time of year when individuals may be thinking about members of our community who are in need of extra support or assistance.  We acknowledge that everyone is feeling the effects of our current economic realities. We have provided a number of options and giving levels.  This will allow individuals to decide how they can best contribute given their own personal circumstances.” 

  • Wayne French, Annual Giving Campaign Co-Chair, OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities. 

We urge residents who want to learn more about the OCH Foundation and to donate to this campaign,  to visit  or contact the team directly at 

Media Contact: Briar Gornall, Communications and Engagement Coordinator