Ottawa Community Housing Foundation hosts the largest “Hop on Bikes” event to date

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 — (Ottawa) May 15, 2023 – Today marks the first big event of the Hop on Bikes initiative of the OCH Foundation. Over one Hundred refurbished bikes, new helmets, and new bike locks will be given to children and youth living in Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) communities. This event is the launch of many “Hop on Bikes” events that will occur throughout the summer in different OCH communities.   

This is part of the OCH Foundation’s 2023 commitment to handing out “a bike a day” to young children and youth living in OCH communities. 365 bikes of all shapes and sizes will be refurbished and distributed, along with new helmets and bike locks, across the city of Ottawa in OCH communities as part of the Hop on Bikes initiative.  

Hop on Bikes is a partnership run by the OCH Foundation with help from volunteers from re-cycles Ottawa who generously give their time to refurbish donated bikes, OCH; who helps lend resources and volunteers to help distribute the bikes into communities.  

This program is possible thanks to our funders and supporters: Canada Post Foundation, The Healthy Communities Grant, Jumpstart, The Information Professionals, The City of Ottawa, Ottawa Community Housing, and foundation donors have provided funding and support for the imitative.   


“Hop on Bikes is a special initiative for the OCH Foundation with major success and growth since 2020, largely due to the large support we have received from our community partners and donors. This year is set to be the program’s biggest year yet. It is wonderful to see the joy of the children and families as they come, pick up their bikes and begin to create their very own bike story. We are thankful to all our community partners who help make this possible. When you donate to the foundation, it allows us to continue the run programs, like Hop on Bikes, in OCH communities.”     

  • Angela Begin: Executive Director OCH Foundation  


About Hop on Bikes  

Hop on Bikes grew out of requests for play ideas for children and youth to keep busy and physically active during the Covid-19 pandemic. The result was an identified need for bikes, helmets and locks to children and youth living in OCH communities.  

Hop on Bikes is a partnership between OCH Foundation, re-Cycles Ottawa and the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation. We work together to obtain, refurbish, fit, and deliver bikes. Events happen throughout the year in OCH communities. 

About the Ottawa Community Housing Foundation 

Committed to the 32,000 tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing, the OCH Foundation helps families, youth and children achieve personal success through education, employment and community engagement projects. The Foundation has raised over 4.1 million dollars since its inception which has been redistributed through tenant focused programs and initiatives.   

About reCycles Ottawa  

re-Cycles Ottawa is a not-for-profit bicycle recycling and DIY shop. They sell bikes and parts at low costs to Ottawa residents. They also offer ‘do-it-yourself’ bicycle repair sessions with guidance from a knowledgeable bike mechanic.   

For more information, please contact: 

Briar Gornall – Communications and Engagement Coordinator (OCH Foundation)