We connect youth with quality programs

recLINK connects youth ages 6-18 living in Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) neighborhoods with quality arts, sports, and camp programs.

How it works

recLINK is delivered by a small team who act as the central point of contact for families and partner organizations. recLINK staff help families learn to navigate the recreation registration and subsidy systems, overcome barriers to participation, and link young people to programs that meet their needs and interests.

recLINK partners with community arts, recreation, and sport organizations to ensure young people from OCH can participate in the programs they are most passionate about. The recLINK model aims to affect change on three levels: individual, community and system through various interventions.


Children living in low-income families are 44% less likely to participate in sports and recreation than their counterparts in higher income categories. recLINK is committed to tackling this statistic, one child at a time, by removing some of the many barriers faced by families in OCH. The good news is that families of children who have participated in recLINK, have shared that, their children are experiencing:

  • positive peer and family interactions,
  • positive attitudinal changes,
  • an increase in confidence and skill development,
  • happier and calmer households,
  • a desire to try new activities

Let's Get Active

Recreation has many benefits on the health of your child and family. Apply for assistance from recLINK today to start exploring opportunities for your child to have fun! If you are a resident in OCH with children between 6-18 years of age, fill out the form now and get linked up to arts, camps or sport programs.

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Children in low-income families are less likely to participate in recreation than children in higher-income families. recLINK helps connect families who face multiple barriers to participation.

We rely on support from our community to ensure that all young people have access to quality arts, sports and camp programs that can make a difference and change lives. Every gift, large or small, goes a long way. Donate Here Today!